The concept of Archive Clothing derived from an idea that no one really gives a sh*t what season your clothes are from.

We also believe that past season stock needs to stop being destroyed.

Therefore, our main goals is to give dead stock a longer life span. The designers we work with share this same vision. However, previously there has been nowhere to sell previous season stock along side similarly aligned brands.

By curating our favourite menswear brands, we aim to create a platform where designers can sell their past season stock, while reducing their carbon footprint.

The fashion industry’s overall impact on the environment is insurmountable. It is the second-biggest industry for the consumption of water. On average, the cultivation of 1kg of raw cotton needs 10,000 litres of water; cotton being the material used in a third of globally produced textiles.

We have therefore committed to giving 1% of gross sales each year to 1% for the planet. This will go towards highly vetted non-profit organisations to help protect the world we live in.